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Gravity Falls “Boyz Crazy” Episode Theory (Behind the Scenes)

Unless you wanna hear some spoilers, skip all of this. It’s sort of a “Reason behind the episode” kind of thing.

So have come to believe, after finding the secret message in record time, that some thing came together.

As everyone might know, half of the episode revolves around Mabel, Grenda and Candy finding out their favorite boy band, Sev’ral Timez, were actually clones, and were being treated like guinea pigs, and not letting them go anywhere but back in the cage.

Not to mention they didn’t know what a tree was.

Refusing to let them go after saving them, Mabel later gives them up and lets them go into the wild. At the end of the episode, the code shows up and I later found to  be this:


Theres no one else other than Ariel Hirsch. Mentioning Ariel, I recalled a picture on Ariel’s tumblr that was found in the Gravity Falls tag.image

Most of it, containing Nsync, a script and a picture of Waddles, underneath, she wrote:

All my signed-by-Lance goodies! With a hand drawn Waddles in there to boot! (I think Alex made Joe Pitt draw it for me, ha.)

~ariel “

Tying the past to the present, Ariel was used for the inspiration of Mabel. Then tying two and two together, Nsync and Sev’ral Timez look a like in ways, and have the same amount of people in the group. ITs doesn’t say much, but oh well.

Alex saying “Happy now, Ariel?” causes me to think she persuaded him into making half of the episode for her, and having a sort of fufilled meet with her favorite boy band.

With this, every ending message could be a inside joke to the cast.

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